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Coursin Clinical Research

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Clinical Research
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Douglas B. Coursin, MD

Department of Anesthesiology
University of Wisconsin
600 Highland Avenue
B6/319 CSC
Madison, WI 53792

Current Research

"Vitamin D Levels in Anesthesia Caregivers at the End of Winter"

Vitamin D deficiency is common in northern climates such as Wisconsin, and affects a wide spectrum of people in various occupations. During winter months at northern latitudes, anesthesia caregivers typically arrive at work before sunrise and leave after sunset. This study examines whether a significant proportion of anesthesia caregivers working in the upper midwest in the winter are vitamin D deficient.

The study will recruit up to 140 anesthesia caregivers affiliated with the UW Hospitals. Participants will complete a 2-page questionnaire and provide 22 ml of blood for laboratory analysis. The questionnaire will query participants' dietary vitamin D intake in general and through specific vitamin D rich or fortified foods, vitamin D supplementation, vitamin D from sun and UV light exposure, and standard work shift hours. The following laboratory tests will be done: serum 25(OH)D, parathormone, a basic metabolic panel (calcium, creatinine, BUN, sodium, potassium, chloride, and carbon dioxide), and serum albumin. The primary outcome measures will be levels of 25(OH)D and parathormone. Secondary outcome measures will be Vitamin D supplementation.

Past Research

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